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Yes Bharath Wedding Collections, Brand Identity



Yes Bharath

To create a new and premium brand identity for Yes Bharath Wedding Collections that reflects sophistication and modernity, thereby attracting a discerning clientele.

Sugarify's Approach:

Symbolism with Y and B: Sugarify focused on incorporating the initials "Y" and "B" into the new logo, emphasizing the brand's identity.

Butterfly Concept: The agency introduced a butterfly concept as a symbolic element in the logo. The butterfly represents fashion, trends, and dynamism, aligning with the brand's desire to bring in new trends and vibrant colors.

Design Execution:

Integration of Y and B: The two letters were cleverly merged to create a harmonious visual representation of the brand's initials.

Butterfly Icon: The butterfly icon was intricately designed to convey a sense of elegance, freedom, and style.

Color Palette: A clean and minimalistic color palette was chosen, reflecting the sophistication and premium nature of the brand. Neutral tones and a touch of accent colors were used to maintain a timeless appeal.

Application Across Mediums: The new logo and butterfly icon were seamlessly integrated into various branding materials, including carry bags, signage, promotional materials, and online platforms.



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