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For AuSa, an innovative app designed to revolutionize the Indian autorickshaw industry, Sugarify Advertising Pvt. Ltd. has developed a comprehensive branding and UI design strategy. The app's primary aim is to transform traditional autorickshaws into smart, connected vehicles, enhancing both the driver and passenger experience. The branding reflects the cutting-edge nature of the technology, combining modern aesthetics with functional design to convey the app's efficiency and smart features. The UI is crafted to be user-friendly, ensuring that drivers can easily navigate the interface, thereby increasing their operational efficiency. This design approach not only positions AuSa as a pioneering solution in the transportation sector but also fosters a more organized and reliable autorickshaw service across urban landscapes in India. The branding and UI design work together to create a strong, identifiable presence for AuSa, appealing directly to autorickshaw drivers and tech-savvy commuters alike.



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