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Rebuilding an existing brand logo and brand vision

branding, rebranding

branding, rebranding

Client /

Sapins Dairy, a dairy brand based in Kochi, aimed to expand its reach across Kochi and the surrounding region. In line with its expansion plans, the company sought to rework its brand identity and design. We Sugarify, a branding agency, was tasked with conducting an extensive study and revamping the brand.


Sugarify approached the rebranding process with a focus on freshness, youthfulness, sustainability, and social responsibility. Recognizing the need to appeal to a wide consumer base, the agency developed a strategy that emphasized novelty and relevance.

Our Strategy was:

1. Fresh and Youthful Colors: Sugarify introduced vibrant colors such as teal, bright green, and blue to convey freshness and youthfulness, resonating with the target demographic.

2. Sustainability and Social Responsibility: With growing consumer awareness about sustainability and ethical practices, Sugarify incorporated elements of sustainability and social responsibility into the brand's visual identity. This helped Sapins Dairy position itself as a socially responsible brand, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

3. Relevance and Consumer Connection: The revamped logo and brand design aimed to establish a stronger connection with consumers by aligning with their preferences and values. The dynamic design, inspired by hilly landscapes, evoked a sense of freshness and natural beauty, further enhancing the brand's appeal.

Approach & Idea

The Result

Increased Consumer Recognition: The rebranding efforts led to increased consumer recognition for Sapins Dairy. The fresh and youthful colors, coupled with the dynamic design, garnered attention and resonated with the target audience.

Improved Offtake from Chillers: The revamped brand identity contributed to a noticeable increase in product offtake from chillers, indicating enhanced consumer interest and engagement with the brand.

Prestigious Project for Sugarify: The successful rebranding of Sapins Dairy became a prestigious project for Sugarify, showcasing the agency's expertise in branding and design. The project not only met the client's objectives but also generated pride within the agency for delivering impactful results.

Through a strategic approach focusing on freshness, youthfulness, sustainability, and relevance, Sugarify successfully revamped Sapins Dairy's logo and brand vision. The rebranding efforts not only enhanced consumer recognition and engagement but also positioned Sapins Dairy as a socially responsible and appealing brand in the competitive dairy market.



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