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Packaging design for Sapins

branding, packaging, rebranding

branding, packaging, rebranding

Client /

Sugarify was tasked with creating packaging for Sapins' entire dairy product range, including Milk, Curd, and Paneer. The challenge was to develop a design that not only stood out on the shelves but also effectively communicated the product names and created brand recognition for Sapins, a relatively lesser-known brand in the market.


Sugarify adopted a clean and minimalistic approach, employing reverse psychology to attract customers. The focus was on highlighting the generic product names prominently, creating a connection with customers and then leading them to the brand. The goal was to make Sapins products easily recognizable and appealing to potential buyers.

The design strategy involved using a white background as the canvas, providing a clean and fresh look to the packaging. To enhance the visual appeal, engaging illustrations were incorporated, depicting the essence of each dairy product. Brand colors were strategically integrated to create a cohesive and recognizable visual identity.

Approach & Idea

The Result

The implemented design successfully drew customers' attention on the shelves. The emphasis on generic product names served as a hook, capturing the interest of consumers and encouraging them to explore Sapins products. As a result, people started recognizing the Sapins brand, leading to increased sales and market visibility.

Key Takeaways:

Emphasis on Generic Names: Placing a strong emphasis on generic product names can create a connection with customers, making it easier for them to identify and choose the products.

Clean and Minimalistic Design: A clean and minimalistic design with a white background provides a fresh and inviting appearance, helping products stand out on store shelves.

Reverse Psychology: Leveraging reverse psychology by highlighting generic names first can pique customers' interest and drive them to explore the brand.

Illustrations for Visual Appeal: Incorporating engaging illustrations relevant to each product enhances the visual appeal and communicates the essence of the product.

Brand Recognition: Consistent use of brand colors contributes to building a cohesive visual identity, aiding in brand recognition over time.



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