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Liso Rocs packaging

branding, packaging, advertising

branding, packaging, advertising

Client /

Sugarify, a creative design agency, took on an exciting assignment for a chocolate packaging project named "Rocs." The goal was to create a visually appealing and marketable packaging design for a new chocolate product.


Creative Strategy:
Sugarify's strategy revolved around infusing the spirit of rock music into the chocolate packaging. To achieve this, they created a unisex character that embodied the essence of rock culture. This character became the face of Rocs chocolate, providing a distinct identity that appealed to a wide audience.

Dopamine Colors:
To enhance the packaging's appeal, Sugarify chose trending dopamine colors. These colors not only aligned with contemporary design preferences but also triggered positive emotions, creating an instant connection with potential customers. The vibrant and energetic hues set the stage for an exciting chocolate experience.

Illustrations and Typography:
The illustrations on the packaging were carefully crafted to convey a sense of rhythm and energy associated with rock music. Bold typography featuring the name "ROCS" in a dynamic font added to the overall theme, ensuring that the packaging captured attention from a distance.

Approach & Idea

The Result

The packaging design proved to be a hit with the target customers. The combination of the rock-inspired character, dopamine colors, bold typography, and the glass element successfully attracted attention and communicated the product's uniqueness. Consumers readily identified the packaging, and it stood out on the shelves, driving initial curiosity and subsequent purchases.

Sales Impact:
The innovative packaging design led to a significant boost in sales. The eye-catching design not only drew customers to the product but also contributed to a positive perception of the chocolate's quality. The packaging became a key factor in the product's success on the market.



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