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branding, packaging, advertising

branding, packaging, advertising

Client /

Atlas Facty Outlet, a renowned fashion brand known for its budget-friendly offerings, faced a challenge of low market value. In order to reposition itself and better resonate with consumers, the brand underwent a rebranding initiative led by Sugarify.


Sugarify embarked on a strategic rebranding approach, aiming to refine the brand's identity to convey affordability more effectively. After thorough analysis, the team proposed a subtle yet impactful name change, transitioning from "Atlas" to "@Less." This adjustment retained the essence of the original brand while signaling a clearer message of affordability and accessibility. Additionally, Sugarify recommended the introduction of a tagline, "Affordable Fashion Destination," to further reinforce the brand's commitment to providing economical fashion choices.

Approach & Idea

The Result

The rebranding efforts orchestrated by Sugarify brought about a significant transformation for @Less. The transition from "Atlas" to "@Less" effectively communicated the brand's value proposition to consumers, resulting in increased market appeal and consumer engagement. The introduction of the tagline "Affordable Fashion Destination" further solidified @Less's positioning as a go-to destination for budget-friendly fashion. Overall, the rebranding initiative successfully revitalized @Less's image, enhancing its market presence and paving the way for sustained growth and success in the competitive fashion industry



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